Lizards can be found in any terrain, but SOLizards prefer your SOL wallet

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8,888 unique avatars
on Solana.

The team is also creating a token on BSC called Komodo DAO which will benefit not only Solizard owners, but Komodo token holders as well.

Komodo treasury will be used to buy floor priced Solizard’s, and Komodo token holders will have the ability to decide future direction of the fund. Komodo holders will receive rewards just for holding. 


Minting a SOLizard costs 2 SOL each, and are the same price for everyone.

Launch Roadmap

This roadmap outlines our goals and where we want to take Solizards. We have a lot of ideas and concepts that we are working on. It may evolve over time and hopefully become even better!

Phase 1

Launch Roadmap

We want to grow our community as large as possible. The team strongly feels that Solizards can become a top tier NFT project on Solana, and remembered as an early adopter. The rarity criteria are still being finalized, and we are taking suggestions on accessories the community would like to see. First and foremost, we always value feedback from our community. 

Phase 2

Komodo DAO

Not only did we want to create custom Solizard avatars, we also wanted to introduce additional utility. At the time, it is not possible to create tokens with RFI mechanics on Solana, so we opted to create a complimentary token on BSC. This token (Komodo DAO) will be an integral part of our Solizard Ecosystem, and can also flourish as a stand-alone project. By combining these two projects, we hope to also introduce those on BSC to the wonders of Solana & Solizards 

Phase 3

Next Steps

The team wants to continue building out the Solizard metaverse. Part of that dream is to create additional items, characters, and lore surrounding Solizards. We don’t want to give too much away at this time, but are excited about what Solizards could become. 

Phase 4

Future & Beyond

We have a talented team of artists, and those with diverse skill sets. We imagine 3D renderings of our universe, physical products, and community engagement. We will work to blend the digital world of Solizards into a one where you can interact with it in real life.

Minting Roadmap

As we progress through SOLizard minting milestones, special prizes/giveaways will be unlocked...

Every Mint

10% of mint will be donated to the FTX Foundation.

10% Minted

Exclusive SOLizards holders discord club opens.

25% Minted

25 Sol AirDropped to 10 SOLizards owners.

50% Minted

Owners of the first 4,444 minted SOLizards are eligible for special surprise AirDrop.
(Non-mintable, can only obtain through AirDrop.)

75% Minted

75 SOL reserved for NFT buybacks & giveaways.

100% Minted

100 SOL reserved for community giveaways.
Any wallet who minted 2 SOLizard NFT's is eligible for SOL AirDrop & we will be launching a token on BSC called Komodo DAO that will benefit SOLizard holders.

Our Mission

Giving back is a core tenant of our team, and 10% of proceeds from every mint will go to the FTX Foundation. We plan to give back with all future projects, and will ask the DAO to guide us. 

Who Are We?

Team Solizards

We are a group of frens, designers, devs and dreamers with the common passion for the crypto space and NFTs.


You can always reach out to the team via Discord or Telegram if you question is not answered below...

How are the SOLizards generated?

All individual members of the SOLizards have unique attributes that have been created by hand and algorithmically selected using custom code.

Wen minting?

18th September 2021

How many SOLizards will be minted?


How much cost to mint 1 SOLizard?



Which Solana wallets can I use?

You will be able to use Solflare, Sollet and Phantom.

I am not a demon.

I am a Lizard.